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Royal Blue Natural Weave Tablecloths

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Table Linen SizePrice (Excl.VAT)Price (Incl.VAT)Qty
Napkins 40 x 40cm (16/16")£1.23£1.48Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Napkins 50 x 50cm (20/20")£1.86£2.23Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Napkins 55 x 55cm (22/22")£2.10£2.52Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Tablecloths 89 x 89cm (35/35")£5.94£7.13Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Tablecloths 114 x114cm (45/45")£7.18£8.62Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Tablecloths 137 x 137cm (54/54")£11.89£14.27Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Tablecloths 137 x 178cm (54/70") £12.13£14.56Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Tablecloths 137 x 229cm (54/90")£15.10£18.12Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Tablecloths 137 x 274cm (54/108")£18.31£21.97Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Tablecloths 137 x 366cm (54/144")£24.03£28.84Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Tablecloths 178 x 178cm (70/70")£17.84£21.41Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Tablecloths 178 x 229cm (70/90")£20.55£24.66Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Tablecloths 178 x 274cm (70/108")£24.03£28.84Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Tablecloths 178 x 366cm (70/144")£34.73£41.68Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Tablecloths 229 x 229cm (90/90")£26.74£32.09Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Tablecloths 229 x 366cm (90/144")£41.11£49.33Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Tablecloths (Circular) 137cm (54")£12.63£15.16Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Tablecloths (Circular) 178cm (70")£16.84£20.21Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Tablecloths (Circular) 274cm (108")£40.11£48.13Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Tablecloths (Circular) 229cm (90")£26.54£31.85Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Tablecloths (Circular) 305cm (120")£45.54£54.65Standard 5-7 Day Delivery
Tablecloths (Circular) 330cm (130")£49.49£59.39Standard 5-7 Day Delivery




 Royal Blue Natural Weave Tablecloths 100% Staple Spun Polyester.

Napkins and Tablecloths

 "Feels Like Cotton" 100% Staple Spun Polyester Woven Fabric.   

High performance, long lasting material, low shrinkage, formulated with STAINMAX®  for INSTANT water absorption and stain resistance.

We have also added a non-iron finish for easy laundering.  

Requires only a 40c low energy laundering, saving time and money.

'Just wash - spin - hang dry or fold and air in a warm room'.

The tablecloths can be dry and ready to use again in 1-2  Hours.

The End Result - Beautiful Crease Free Table Linens.

Click Here To View Washing Guide  


Suitable for Bistro's, Restaurants, Hotels and the Home. 

Woven fabric: Restaurant high quality specification - weight 230 GSM


Square and rectangular napkins/ tablecloths have 1cm standard hems.

Circular tablecloths have a bulk stitch overlock hem.

305cm and 330cm Circulars have a seamed join.

The Natural Weave Design is now available in a range of over 20 colours.

 Bespoke made to measure service for table runners and tablecloths on request.



Standard despatch 5 -7 working days.

 *Express despatch 3 working days available on request.

(*Express despatch - surcharge applied)

 All items are made to order and manufactured in Lancashire,UK.



Need any help on what is the correct size you require?

Measure your table size length and width or diameter and give us a call.

'We Love To Talk' call us on 01254 871025.

Open 7 days a week  9am - 5pm.


Oswaldtwistle Mills Linens NO Risk Promise

If you are not 100% completely satisfied.

Ordered the wrong stuff or they just do not look as you imagined.

(Any reason at all really. Yes - anything you can think about what so ever.)


Let us know within 30 days of recieving you order.

 We will then provide either a 100% refund - including any delivery charge.


Offer a replacement at you preference.



Royal Blue Natural Weave Tablecloths

Available in more colours


"Learn how to avoid ruining your Polyester Table Linens by washing them correctly, fast, efficiently, easily and make your table linens last longer” 


Oswaldtwistle Mills Linens - Staple Spun 100% Polyester Table Linens are made with Air Jet spun textured and twisted yarns, woven on state of the art machinery.

Our Polyester is strong with minimal shrinkage and has low colour loss when looked after correctly by following the advice below. Ideal for restaurants, hotels, laundries, health clubs, hospitality, health care and the home.The yarns we use make the Table Linens absorbent, soft and durable with a texture ‘feels like cotton’ touch. Manufactured with reinforced hems and high quality stitching to protect the longevity of the Table Linens.


Quick overview - Wash at 40c - Short spin cycle - Hang dry or a short low temperature tumble dry - Fold immediately to reduce need for ironing.


How to look after your Polyester Table Linens

Before you start to wash your polyester Table Linens please read the following guide lines

Do not mix with Different fabric/fibre types. Washing and/or drying 100% cotton and polyester/cotton blends with 100% polyester table linens will result in cotton lint attaching to the surface of the polyester fabric giving the appearance of pilling (or “bobbling)

  • Shake out the table linens to remove any cutlery, solid food residues and other foreign objects before loading into the washing machine. Items such as knives and pens can permanently stain and damage the fabric. the machinery may also be subject to damage.
  • (Don’t over load the washing machine, this will allow the table linens extra movement increasing the effectiveness of the washing process and reduces creasing)
  • Detergents containing OBA (Optical Brightening Agents) are only recommended on white goods. This will make a white fabric appear whiter and brighter.
  • The use of detergents containing OBA can alter the appearance of coloured shades giving the impression of colour loss. Coloured fabric should ideally be washed in detergents that do not contain OBA.
  • Using a small amount of fabric softener in the final rinse stage will assist in removing static and creasing. Add too much fabric conditioner, will create a build up of a barrier affecting the absorbancy,touch and feel of the table linens.
  • Adding a small amount of white vinegar in the final rinse stage will act as a disinfectant. The vinegar smell will disappear upon drying.
  • Residual staining can be removed using oxygen based bleaching agents but these should not be substituted for a good wash process with adequate detergency. Care and attention should be given to the conditions of use.
  • Chlorine bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) will cause coloured shade changes, permanent colour loss also fabric damage will occur chlorine bleach should be avoided, if required use a small quantity on white polyester shades only.
  • For heavy stained items sponge down or wipe the stained area then add the fabric to hand warm water with a small amount of biological detergent, leave to soak overnight then wash as normal.
  • Do not overload the washing or drying machinery this can cause creasing by crushing the fabric.
  • We recommend our polyester table linens should be washed at 40C or a lower temperature setting with a short spin cycle. All table linens should be removed immediately from the washing machine when the wash program has finished, followed either with a short tumble dry on a low temperature setting or line dried. This may be available on washing machines as a Permanent Press wash or Synthetics wash setting/program.
  • Use a low RPM spin cycle speed setting, this will avoid and minimise crushing of the fabric in the drum of the washing machine.
  • Polyester Table Linens Dry Quickly !!!! - Do Not Over Dry and check continuously, dry on a low setting (if a damp moisture sensor setting is not available on the tumble drier) Take out of the tumble drier when slightly damp and immediately fold neatly.


  • High temperatures above 40c washing, without a sufficient cool down stage will result in Thermal Shock Creasing. This occurs when hot, soft and pliable polyester fibres are cooled too quickly whilst in a crumpled state. This results in small “broken ice””wrinkles” type creases on the fabric surface.
  • If ironing is required, for best results polyester table linens should be ironed slightly damp. Ensure the setting of the ironer is on polyester, if the setting is too high it may scorch or melt the fabric, using a fine water mist spray will help when ironing.                                                                                     



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